Hackamore Classic

Along with Jim Dobler, Heather McLevin, Ian Hyrirchuk and Shelly Holt, I competed at the Hackamore Classic in Pueblo, Colorado, held May 3 – 6. The weather was substantially warmer than it was at home – even warm for Colorado at that time of year – reaching in the mid to plus 30 degree Celsius range. When we left Innisfail, it was only about 5C.

The trip down was uneventful and we arrived after about 20 hours of driving. The fairgrounds were beautiful and everything was green.

The herd work was the first of the three events and Ike and I ended up splitting first. The reined work was the following day and after the two events we were a ½ point out of the lead. Following a less than ideal fence work, I ended up 5th in the Level 1 Derby .

The show organizers put on a “Taste of Pueblo” one night, showcasing the local cuisine. All the competitors were able to get together and enjoy a great meal.

Although I was hoping for a better fence work, I was happy with my horse and glad that Ian and Heather got to show their new horses. I would certainly go back again.